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Maverick Stroller Review - Venice Child Products

Ever since finding out I was expecting our second I couldn't stop dreaming about double strollers! I really wish someone would have told me from the start to get one that could convert to a double. I researched so many brands, prices, functionality, and ultimately ended up finding Venice Child Products! I was fortunate enough to have received one as a gift! I have been able to compare it to others that I have seen and used, and my friends and family agree, we all love Venice Child the most! Video walk through/Review linked here.

We have been using the stroller since the beginning of February, and have taken it on daily walks. More than enough time to give a good honest review. I'll go through and share a list of the pros and cons that I have noticed.


First up the assembly, the stroller arrived in 3 separate boxes. The frame was in its own, and the seats in the other two. The boxes weren't extremely heavy and didn't have much of the usual excess packaging garbage with them. I was able to put the stroller together myself in 10 minutes while also recording a reel. Without recording the process the setup would be short minutes. The seats came already put together, the only assembly required is attaching the sun shade and the leather bar, which is very easy. The frame needed the wheels and the cup holder attached, and then you choose how to attach the seats. Very minimal assembly required.

Daily use:

We do quite literally use this stroller daily. We go on walks all the time, and have already put over 200 miles on it. Everything has held up amazingly well.

-The wheels are super durable and shock absorbing, we have used the stroller a ton on sidewalks, dirt/gravel paths, and in the store with no complaints. The front wheels do rotate all the way around which is very nice, but they also lock the forward position.

-The leather handles, and child bar haven't seen a scratch and my child isn't the most gentle.

-The Toddler Seat, has three different recline positions, however you do need two hands to recline it. My daughter (20 months) hasn't used it reclined ever so that's not a big breaking point for us. We found she prefers to sit up to see around. There is a little zippered pocket on the outside/back of the seat that I can store my phone, car/house keys, wallet, pepper spray, and snacks in without you even being able to tell it is there.

-The 5 point harness is really easy to lock and unlock, and easy to adjust to any size child.

-The footrest on the toddler seat has two positions. My daughter prefers it to be up so that she can keep her toys and snacks in easy reaching distance by her feet. She also likes it in the down position so that it is easier for her to climb in herself, but she can still get in if it is in the up position as well.

-The Sun Shade can be adjusted to many different levels, and is a very good wind breaker. The peek a boo feature is very nice to see if your child is sleeping without putting your whole face in theirs. My daughter loves when the shade is down to have the vented section extended so she gets shade, can still see, and gets some of the breeze.

-The Rain Cover we haven't used yet, but it does store really well, and has a small storage pocket.

-The cup holder, is easily removable and rotates. That being said I only ever put a sippy cup in it because I don't want my drink to spill. I put my drink in the storage basket below.

-The storage basket, I have never seen such a large and durable basket. It has two pockets on the inside that are large enough to hold a 32oz hydroflask. I store a leash and doggie bags in the other pocket. Our puppy used to ride in the basket when he would get tired, and it didn't have any issues holding him, now he sits in it when we are playing at the park and he has grown quite a bit since.

-The comfort grip handle, is adjustable to 4 different heights which is very nice because my husband likes it on a different one than me. He says its nice being able to customize it to him or else his legs are too long and he kick the basket while pushing. It is nice being able to adjust the handles for hills as well! It adjusts by simply squeezing the button and pull/push the handle to get it to your desired height.

-The brake, I love that it is just one step to brake the back wheels and I don't have to put a lock on for both wheels like my previous stroller. It is easy to put on and off, but not enough that a child would be able to do so.

-Folding the stroller for storage, I personally just leave mine set up in the house, but to put it in the car you do need both hands to collapse it. I detach the seat for it to fit in the back of my hatchback with the other items in my trunk.

Stroller Configuring:

There are 30+ seat configurations with the toddler seats, bassinet, and car seat options. You will need both hands to move the seats around. The extra attachments are included to convert it from single to double and are sleek and easy to tell where they go!


I would say there are very minimal things I would change. One being that you need two hands to recline the seat, fold the stroller, and move the configuration around. I would also change the cup holder because it does tip, and doesn't fit very large bottles. It only come in the two colors right now, but that's not a major deal breaker for me.


I honestly love most everything about this stroller. I love the finish and the material that the seats and basket are made of. Everything is extremely durable. I love that it comes with the attachments and that you don't have to purchase them separately like many other brands. It is also very nice that it comes with a rain cover. The price compared to multiple other brands is very low! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price for the double with the 2 toddler seats, or the toddler seat/bassinet combo! I really love the sleek look of the stroller, the black makes it so classy, then add on the rose gold accents and the leather handles and I was sold. It gives me that glam feel without paying the major price of other brands. Also the company itself is amazing, and their customer service/support is amazing. With my last stroller I never felt like I was talking to a human, and this time around, I really feel that they care about me and my family.

I would 100000% recommend this stroller to any mother! I have loved getting to know the company and what they stand for. I am so happy to be a part of the Venice Child Family!

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Oct 04, 2022

You mention that their customer service is amazing and that they really care, but the only "customer service" form of contact that I'm able to find anywhere online is the small form on their website. (no phone number, email address, nothing) and after 3 weeks now of waiting for a reply to 2 different forms I filled out, I have still not heard a single word from them. Do you have some kind of phone number for them that I'm unaware of?

Brooklyn Burton
Brooklyn Burton
Oct 04, 2022
Replying to

Hey most of my contact with them have been through their instagram and they respond really quick. If you don’t have that though here is the contact information they have listed on their instagram profile! phone number (714) 736-1000


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